Long Time, No Internet

Hey everyone! We have been getting badgered about not updating this blog (thanks, fam). We know, we know, it’s been well over a month without a new post. What can we say–the second half of training was all time consuming, swearing in was pretty cool, and moving to our permanent site for the next two […]

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5 Day French Toast

We’ve been trying to get into the habit of cooking one American style meal for our family every week. Last week, we made an Italian inspired dish called Carbonara with pasta and eggs from town. This week, we tried our hand at French Toast! It took a hike through the mountains, skilled widdling on Shaun’s […]

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We’re Godparents!

About two weeks ago, we were approached by our host parents asking about something. They seemed a bit nervous, and we had no idea what was being asked, so of course we whipped out our Tetun dictionary. #BreakingDownTheLanguageBarrier. We soon figured out that the repeated word “sarani” meant baptism, and that it was quite possible we were being asked to be godparents.

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Three Weeks In

We are finally posting an update from out here in Timor-Leste (sorry for the wait!). Life has been pretty crazy with pre-departure orientation, in country orientation, and then moving in with our host family for Pre-Service Training (PST)!

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The journey begins

We got married August 5th, packed up our lives and kissed friends and family goodbye for now, and are sitting in the Providence airport waiting to board! We are going Baltimore to LA, spending a couple of days with Marta's bestie, and then Friday we start our staging with the Peace Corps. I'm less than […]

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